Making blood, macrophages and eyes

Acitivities, Outreach

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Today I spent time with 4-11 year olds doing activities and talking my research – macrophages (a type of white blood cell) and eyes. We talked a little about what I do (experiments) and then the children had a go at pipetting ‘chemicals’ (water with food colouring added to it) into tissue culture plates. We then talked about blood: what it does (carries sugars, proteins and oxygen around the body) and what it is made up of (red and white blood cells, platelets and serum). This lead us to macrophages so we made an animal cell and talked about the nucleus (contains all of the information), the mitochondria (make energy) and the endoplasmic reticulum (makes proteins and squirts them out). My research focuses on eye disease, non-infectious posterior uveitis in particular, so we made eyes and talked about what an optician sees when they look into the eye – the…

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